About the authors

The authors

Connie (left) and Fran in Guatemala, 2014

We’ve been living and learning about “doing good” in Guatemala off and on for a combined sixty years. For ten of those years we’ve been winter neighbors in Panajachel, Guatemala, leaving the snows of Boston and Denver for the shores of Lake Atítlan. The book grew out of our appreciation for the Mayan people and a desire to better understand their view of foreigners’ many efforts to “improve” their lives. We bring different but complimentary skills to the task:

  •  Two professional lifetimes working in intercultural education, community organizing, sociology research, and human rights.
  •  Volunteering in multiple settings, including inner city housing projects, Mayan villages, prisons, soup kitchens.
  •  Serving on boards ranging from United Way to micro-lending.
  •  Donors to local and international projects.

Check out more about how we came to write this book below:

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